Burscough Diving Club BDC

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Divers aged between 5 and 12 are taught the Flip & Fun programme, where in a positive and fun environment they jump and play in and out of the water, to help develop those important diving skills.  The Flip & Fun programme encourages divers to use join in dry land training where divers will use crash mats and trampolines to develop and practice their skills before entering the water. Divers who successfully complete the Flip & Fun Programme will progress to the ASA Learn to Dive Programme. Before transferring into this lesson, divers must be able to perform the fundamental body shapes and dive groups, so that they can develop and execute more complex dives.

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This group features divers who have demonstrated their talent and potential during their time within the club. Each diver will be expected to represent the club competitively at a Regional or National Level.  Divers will complete a detailed physical development programme with a strong focus on acrobatic skills and gymnastic conditioning. Selection is through invitation only.

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